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Seniors Honors Banquet

Each year, the seniors who have achieved the most in regards of academics are rewarded with an honors banquet. Unlike the honors banquets held for all grades separately, this is far more exclusive. Only about 60 seniors are eligible for the event, as the requirements are much higher. To attend the banquet, each senior must have achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher in their first seven semesters of high school. They then must choose the mentor that has been most influential in their academic life through not just high school, but the entirety of their academic career.

The 15th annual banquet was held on March 16th this year at Celebrations Unlimited, near Mishawaka High School. Each student arrived with their mentor, and after dinner received their awards. Each student wrote a meaningful paragraph about their mentor explaining how they influenced them the most academically. Each mentor then wrote the same about the student, highlighting their qualities that have allowed them to accel as far as they have. Each student’s counselor read the paragraphs that each wrote as they stood at the front of the room for all to see. Honors student Griffin Rosen added, “It was really moving to hear what each student and mentor had to say about each other, and to see what specifically made each individual successful in their eyes.”

The event is very important to students, parents, and teachers. For all it is an honor to be celebrated as the highest among the rest of the class. Principal Jerome Calderone claimed, “It is an honor to attend the banquet and be the principal of a school with students who have achieved such a success.” Congratulations to the students who attended the banquet, and may the best come their way as they finish off their high school career!

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