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Sparrow Lands Book Illustration Opportunity

As many students may remember (who wouldn’t?), Shane Sparrow, recent Mishawaka High School graduate, was given multiple artist awards last year. He’s back in the news again, recently signing with Kim Dickerson to create a cover for her new book: Dear Sleep: The Light, The Box, and The Dog.

Dear Sleep: The Light, The Box, and The Dog is a suspenseful novel written by debut writer Kim Dickerson. It deals with scary nightmare ghouly stuff, Sparrow’s forte. His drawing skills are aiding Dickerson in reaching her ultimate goal: to get her story in print for the world to see. Her book has already been available as an ebook on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. The print edition will be available by late November, complete with Shane’s artistry, at Barnes and Noble or on Barnes and Noble’s website.

The Alltold’s twitter page will post when the book is available. Follow us here for updates.

Dickerson is more than happy to have Shane on her team. “Shane is a very talented artist. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him all over the place once he finishes his education. I look forward to saying ‘I knew him when…’”

She and Shane met through a mutual friend. “Shane and I came together through a friend of mine. I was discussing the need for a cover designer, she mentioned it to her son who thought it would be the perfect job for Shane. Turns out, it was!”

Dickerson and Sparrow are going to be a dynamic duo, with Shane possibly creating more covers for Dickerson. Her book is one in an epic (a six or seven book series), so she’ll have plenty of books for Shane to illustrate in the future.

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