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Spelling At Its Finest

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

The Spell Bowl team started their new season in May when the IASP, the governing body for all

academic teams, released the new list that the team would need to learn. This list consisted of

well over 3000 words, so the team had a lot of work to do including sorting, studying, and

practicing the hardest words. One method they used to practice was spelling quizzes.

The members of the team were Timothy Huff, Sebastian Slavinskas, Alessandro Martellaro,

Brandon Brown, and Tyler Colburn. They had one competition at Plymouth High School in which they earned 4th place. Spell Bowl competitions consist of ten rounds in which each round one member of each team goes up and spells nine words by him or herself. They earn points for each correctly spelled word.

If you’re interested in joining an academic team next year and have an interest in learning new words and proving your knowledge, spell bowl is the team for you! There will be a callout

meeting in May when the new list is released and again this upcoming fall when the actual

season begins. The leader of the Spell Bowl team is Mrs. McCool, and she would love to see

new faces for the upcoming season!

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