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Spikes in Mental Health Struggles at MHS

Students feel as if anxiety at MHS has increased for teens. According to Healthday News,“Researchers found that 46% of 977 parents of teens said their child has shown signs of a new or worsening mental health condition since the start of the pandemic.” Anxiety can affect many things, one of them being a teenager's social life. A panic attack can happen anywhere, at any time.

Gayla Konanz, MHS’ social worker, stated "Anxiety can present itself in a lot of different ways." This meaning, you can't always see someone struggling with anxiety. Students have many things to focus on which can lead to stress.

Lylee-Anah Boyer, a freshman at MHS stated, "Turning in work and making it to practice on time can cause much stress, which leads to my [panic] attacks" When Boyer was asked what can help her during these tough moments she stated, "Just support from friends and family, like a hug or just a change in the conversation."

Helping students with anxiety can be tough, so teachers and other students need to know what to do when someone has a panic attack. Konanz noted, " Listening is the best way to help, and not downplaying what we hear." Although everyone has felt anxious at one point or another, this does not mean people who struggle with anxiety should be looked down on.

Teenagers should not feel alone. Teens should know that there is always somewhere they can find help. No matter if it's a friend in class or a well-trusted teacher, Just remember it's okay to ask for help. Boyer stated “Seeing a counselor really helped me with my Anxiety.” There are also hotlines that you can call. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Its okay to not be okay”

Konanz stated, "Just being a teenager alone can give you anxiety." Being a teenager can be hard and stressful. Because of this, school teachers and students alike should come together and help one another.

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