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Starting Off the Season Better than Ever

On Saturday, April 16th, Mishawaka’s baseball team went up against Griffith. It was a double header of 13-7 then 19-1. The boys did great in the first two innings, making one stop and four runs. The Griffith boys did their best, but they were no match; and Saturday was just the beginning.

This last Monday, April 18th, the boys went up against Adams. They won with an astounding 19-3. In the first inning alone they made ten runs. Two players really stood out: Senior Hunter Martsolf and Freshman, Nick Bodle. Martsolf made nine consecutive hits, while Bodle hit every ball thrown his way.

Bryson Stutesman, a Junior, said (about the game against Adams), “ We got the bats going early and kept at it.”

As for the rest of the season it is expected to be great. There have only been ten games so far, and the boys have already improved so much. Each game they push themselves further showing better results each time. The team plays their biggest rival, Penn, on May 13th, which will be an away game. If you would like to support the team and see the boys in action their next game is April 20th, at home, against John Glenn. Best of luck to the boys!

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