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Teaching From The Heart

The School City of Mishawaka (SCM) announced it’s Teachers of the Year. SCM determines this based on the model adopted by the State of Indiana which involves recognizing an elementary and secondary teacher.

The elementary teacher of the year is Mrs. Sarah Hoover, a second grade teacher who has been at Beijer for 14 years, and an Indiana University graduate. The secondary teacher of the year is Ms. Beth Schwitz who is a seventh grade English and Language Arts teacher at John Young.

Both teachers were recognized at the SCM school board meeting on May 22. Hoover and Schwitz will also be recognized at the Celebration of Excellence on May 31.

“I was very honored to be named Teacher of the Year,” Hoover said. This is the first time she has been given this award. “I love teaching and helping others. Being a mom I think has helped me become a better teacher because I am able to relate to parents and see some situations from their point of view. I also feel like I am in the loop with some topics having my own children,” Hoover said. Hoover is involved in many projects and committees.

Despite efforts, the AllTold Staff was unable to get into contact with Schwitz.

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