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The Broadway Hit About America’s Revolutionary Misfit

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, rap, musicals, or history, you absolutely need to hear about Broadway’s latest success, Hamilton. This unique smash hit was produced by actor/singer Lin-Manuel Miranda and inspired by the biography Alexander Hamilton, written by Ron Chernow. Following the life of “the ten-dollar founding father” Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton tells the story of George Washington’s “Right Hand Man” and America’s first Secretary of Treasury to the stylistic elements of synthesis and beat-boxing. Hamilton’s enthralling story opened on Broadway in February of 2015, but is recently getting another round of overwhelming attention due to its building success. It took Miranda six years to write, but he felt so inspired by Alexander’s rise from being a poor immigrant orphan to rewriting the U.S. Constitution that he simply had to express it in what he considers to be “the music of the revolution.” Hamilton not only is a biography about the youngest, wittiest and most abrasive founding father, but also accurately depicts the construction of America and its political intrigue of the time in an easily understandable way. Never fear, even if history and politics aren’t your thing, Hamilton can still be for you. There is much modern, sarcastic humor to be found in Miranda’s quick, syncopated lyrics. This hit musical also includes strong elements of both a phenomenal love story and tragedy to captivate attention and break the hearts of the viewer. On the topic of viewing, you might be wondering how to get the Hamilton experience without paying for a Broadway ticket. Because Miranda’s musical is still so new, you won’t be able to find more than clips of the actual performance. However, you can listen to the entire show on YouTube just by searching ‘Hamilton the musical’. Worried you won’t be able to distinguish voices for characters or keep up with historical references? has got you covered with not only lyrics labeled for each singer, but in depth annotations explaining almost every line. These annotations not only provide definitions and historical background, but also quotes from the producer Lin-Manuel Miranda himself on the subject of lyric and musical element choice. I guess the producers of Hamilton really wanted to “Blow Us All Away” and not have us have to “Wait For It” to come to a stage closer to home.

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