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The MHS Clock Tower

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Throwback Thursday does not work for the Alltold schedule, so we have a new feature we like to call Rewind Wednesday. The dusty shelves of the Alltold room are filled with the history of MHS. This history deserves to be dusted off. The archives are not complete - the files from some years are lean and for other years, the files do not exist, but there are some really interesting stories that deserve to be shared.

The story for this Rewind Wednesday comes from January 12, 1927. The school we currently call MHS was built in 1924. With the bell tower being a fresh addition to the school, only three years old at the publication of this article, there were inquiries as to how tall the tower really was. Students from a physics class chose to measure the bell tower a few different ways using trigonometry.

The entire article is included below. The cover page of this issue is also included, With a headline regarding the Cavemen's rivalry with the South Bend Bears.

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