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The MHS Dance Team

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The Lady Cavemen are making their way to competition. The Mishawaka Dance Team has been preparing for the 2020 IHSDTA Competition Season. With many new moves, rhythms, and coaches, the Lady Cavemen are working hard and are hopeful for a win. And Covid-19 has brought new restrictions and regulations this season. Coach Lily Schnaak explained,

“Rules and regulations have changed drastically...dancers only have one hour to be in the school and perform all routines.” In previous years dancers have had all day in the building before they perform. Schnaak continued, “We will also not be seeing a lot of our other competition in different categories because of this.”

There is also additional stress. Senior, Lynnea Means, said “Just the uncertainty, not knowing if we’ll actually have a competition season or not.” This could be the blindspot of the competitions, but the ladies are confident they will overcome the adversity.

Despite the negative effects of COVID, there has been one positive no one saw coming. “The team cherishes the time they spend together, because we never know when we would have to stop practices, ect.” said Schnaak. . “I think we became closer as a team, because we realize we’re all in this together,” said team Senior Reahyln Bryce.

Means reflected on this stating, “Honestly it’s really well, in past years there’s been a lot of drama, but there hasn’t been a lot of that. It’s like a different atmosphere.” Bryce added, “It’s been going really well, I’m really excited for this year, it’s made my love for dance grow. This has been a pretty good senior year in dance, We’ve never learned this much in such a short amount of time, I feel like I’ve grown so much as a dancer.” Schnaak added, “The team is looking great! They’ve improved a lot since having met them in the summer.”

Stemming from their progress, Schnaak said the team is going to be competing in two routines. “We’re having the girls compete in two routines this year instead of one: Pom and Hip Hop. Most girls weren’t familiar with hip hop and have been working really hard to nail this newer genre,” said Schnaak.

The seniors also expressed some excitement about their new routine this year. “We are doing hip hop for this year which is something we’ve never done before, and I’m really excited! Because seeing the competition’s hip hop routines thinking “I wanna do that so bad” and now we’re doing it and I’m just so excited,” said Bryce. Means was also excited, “I’m really excited about it, It definitely needs work but I think we’ll do well.”

Just when you through the dance team couldn’t bring in any more joy, they were gifted with 2 new coaches for this season. Sarah Kuehn and Lily Schnaak. Schnaak said some things introducing herself to the school,

Lily is the assistant coach for the Mishawaka Dance team. She danced for 3 years in highschool, holding 2 Regional Champion Titles. Also placing 3rd in state her senior year. Schnaak added, “Coaching a dance team has been my dream ever since I joined my high school dance team, and I am so thrilled I get to do it with my best friend Sarah and with such an amazing group of dancers.”

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