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The Music Really Moved Us

On Thursday, March 31st, the All-City Choir Concert was held in the Mishawaka High School East Gym at seven o’clock in the evening. Approximately two hundred and fifty students participated from seven different schools in

the district: Battell, Emmons, Hums, LaSalle, Liberty, and Twin Branch. The theme was Music Moves Us, and the color scheme was white.

Art from the elementary schools was also showcased along the side wall in the gym. As Mr. Swihart introduced the display, he stated that there was usually “no [other] opportunity to show off the products of teaching” for the art

teachers. The art arrangement was put up by Mishawaka AP art students after school.

Throughout the performance, the music teachers were very expressive in their movements to help the students through the songs.

The students sang choir classics like “Born to Hand Jive” and “YMCA.” During both of these songs, there was choreography that engaged the audience. There were also impressive harmonies for almost all of the songs. In “You Are My Sunshine” and “What a Wonderful World”, the students’ interpretation was moving.

Before the last song, “So Long, Farewell”, Mr.

Swihart thanked the audience for coming and for the support of the

parents. He also invited the audience to sing along to the final piece.

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