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The Surefire Way to Become the Student of the Month, Every Month

Everyone has seen the title proudly displayed across the scrolling announcements, accompanied with a photo and a name in white. Being Student of the Month is something that has been around for quite some time, but many people may not even know what this award is!

Student of the Month is awarded, surprisingly, at the beginning of every month to any student that has displayed noteworthy achievement during their high school career. It is determined by teachers and discussed at meetings both in their department and with the administrators.

Initially, teachers meet with their departments and discuss possible students, making sure to plead their case for each student they bring. These attributes for the student could range from having good behavior to maintaining good grades. “The bottom line is that anyone who has made a positive impression on a teacher in a big way can be nominated,” says Ms. Kizer, the chair for the English department. Other departments, like special needs, agree. Mrs. Yoder focuses on those who are positive and do good outside of the classroom. Essentially, the student of the month is the embodiment of R.O.C.K.

After the names are presented to the department chairs, they bring the names to their meeting with the administrators in the Main Office, and take votes there. Once they decide on a student, then the student is greeted with a certificate and recognition from the whole school!

So far, the new school year has welcomed Carzima Burton (August), Madison Stout (September), and Ayle Wezeman (October). Congratulations to these three for achieving this honor, and keep an eye out for November’s Student of the Month in the next few weeks!

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