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The Unity Project

What does Art Club, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and a famous band with local origins have in common? They’ve all set out to inspire Mishawaka High School students to unite as one.

The Bergamot is an indie/folk marriage duo. They’re well-remembered not only for their humanistic songs, but also for selling everything they own to pursue music, and touring the country in 40 weeks. Buzzfeed says, “Move over pop stars! These singers are here to blow your mind!” Not only that, but The Bergamot’s music has been featured on national TV countless times. Their mission is spreading unity through art to inspire people.

The Bergamot came to visit the Art Department’s very own Mrs. Bill, and sang to students there. Most incredibly, the musical couple’s appearance really did inspire students. The Gay-Straight Alliance is a group filled with kind hearts and aspirations of unity, and Art Club is comprised of students with a passion for, well, art. So in the end, it only makes sense that The Bergamot’s visit inspired these people to join together to create the Unity Project.

What is the Unity Project? When The Bergamot first came, the GSA and Art Club weren’t sure. They had a few meetings and threw out a few ideas, but all they really felt sure of was that they wanted the whole school to be involved. Mrs. Bill was recently able to inform the Alltold what the Unity Project would be. She explained that it would most likely start with a scale size, wooden model of Mishawaka High School. After that the ideas begin to vary; maybe each student will pour a bit of paint onto it or perhaps write their name. But no matter what they decide on, the idea is for all current MHS students to unite and make some art together. It’s message about community and hope. “Not everyone does art [regularly], but everyone can contribute.” Says Mrs. Bill.

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