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Welcome to the Club!

Did you know that Mishawaka High School offers many different types of clubs? Every student has the opportunity to join clubs such as the GSA, Robotics Club, the Book Club, and more.

High school clubs are the perfect place to make new friends. It is easy to bring people together through shared interests. However, not only do student clubs help you to meet new people, but they also look fantastic on college and scholarship applications. Participating in school clubs show that you work well with others and that you can be a leader (if that was your place in the club, at least). You are more likely to be considered for a variety of different scholarships based on the clubs that you were in in high school. As a member of any club, you are able to become a well-rounded student..

For example, did you know that Mishawaka High School hosts several language clubs? Madame Hermann runs the school’s French club, Mr. Schreiber is in charge of German club, and Mrs. Raffelock hosts the Japanese Club. Señora Zeiger, a Spanish teacher at MHS, holds the Spanish club in her room every other Wednesday. Her club will be traveling to Chicago in November to visit the Mexican National Museum of Art. Join as soon as possible to participate in this event! And, if you are interested in any of these clubs, be sure to reach out to these teachers; they will be happy to have you join!

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