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Cavemen Conquer Sectionals

By:: Sports Editor Grace Plonski

It’s been nothing but victories for the Mishawaka High School (MHS) Cavemen. The Cavemen have been 11-1 this season, losing only to Chicago’s Marist Academy. With a 35-7 win against Hobart during the first game of the IHSAA Football Sectionals, the Cavemen then advanced to game two where they played South Bend Riley, winning 35-28.

Senior Chris Harness celebrated an an accomplishment of achieving the most rushing yards as fullback, knocking out 2013 MHS Alumni Sam Schrader.

“He’s the most humble and hardworking kid on this football team. He is a work horse and never stops grinding whether it’s in the weight room or on the field. He’s always working and always pushing to be the best for him and his teammates,” Senior Sam Shively said.

The Cavemen played South Bend Saint Joe at Steel Stadium.It was a close game on Friday; the Cavemen won 27-23. First year MHS head coach Keith Kinder has made a name for himself by winning the Sectional Championship trophy.

“It’s a great accomplishment for this team to win the Sectional Championship. We’re all really excited to keep playing,” Kinder said “There’s some stress involved when you know that one mistake could cost you a game, but we have confident kids that know they can win no matter the odds.”

This was the 11th Sectional title for the Cavemen and it was truly a nail biter. The Cavemen took the lead with 2:44 left in the fourth quarter. Harness ran 209 yards with 39 carries and Shively ran 159 yards with 23 carries and scored the winning touchdown for the second time against the Indians.

“Always being prepared and not caring who the next opponent is. Being with the team keeps me motivated. Having the mentality of not wanting to lose and not wanting this season to end so I can continue playing with a great group of guys,” Shively said.

The Cavemen will play Lowell High school on Friday at Steele Stadium for the regional title.

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