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Features: Niles Haunted House promises to scare the yell out of you

Niles Scream Park has six haunted attractions in 2015 to “scare the ‘yell’ out of you.” The park opened October 3rd for this season. Niles is open from 7-11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 7-10 pm on Sundays.

The Park has a spectacular line up for 2015: Niles Haunted House: Kingdom’s end, Ashes to Ashes, House of Horror 3D, The field of Screams, The Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride: Night Terror, and Zendor Presents: “The Ploy” with the Devious Viktor Novikov.

Niles Scream Park isn’t all about fear and fun. The Park is a non-profit community project. They use about 150 to 200 volunteer staff every night that represent over 65 area school and community organizations. More than $1,470,000 has been donated over the past nineteen years. This money funds college scholarships for students at Niles, Brandywine, Dowagiac, and Edwardsburg High Schools.

The Park is on Mayflower Road, south of Niles Buchanan Road, and just off Exit 5 of the US 31 Bypass. Brochures with a coupon were distributed during lunches; a few coupons are left in room 262.

Haunted House - $12 Second trip on the same night with hand stamp-$5

Ashes to Ashes- $7

House of Horror 3D- $7

Dark TERRORtory Haunted Hayride- $7

Field of Screams- $10

Zendor Presents: “The Ploy” (select nights only) -$3

Phantom Fast Pass- (varies)

Token- $1

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