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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

When something goes on hiatus, that means there’s a break in the run. That’s exactly what happened with the MHS newscast.

On February 25th, the Radio and TV department took a short break from producing the newscast. Thanks to a recent donation to the Radio and TV Department, the classroom was able to get a brand new studio. The first newscast with the studio aired on March 18th with lead reporters Kara Young and Ryan Hoopingarner, sports broadcaster Kayla Theobald, and meteorologist Jose’ Crane.

Radio/TV instructor Matt Rendall explained,“I think students have found it to be much nicer and cleaner than maybe they thought and just seeing it in person makes you realize it’s much bigger for us to do different things in.”

Gwen Young an MHS Sophomore stated, “I really like the new set”.

Joe Swank an MHS Junior stated, “The new set really helps us out with a lot of news stuff that we do.”

MHS had a history of news sets according Rendall “Well when I first started, we had a set that was sort of man made, so when that didn’t work we went with the green screen.”

The new studio not only has a news desk, but also a unique lighting system which allows for more variety with the official logo on the front of the desk. The Radio and TV Department is grateful to be given the donation and the opportunity to create a more professional news studio.

The new set will allow one to five people to appear at the same time and will give Radio and TV students more opportunities for screen time to announce for the school broadcast. This will also allow us to give a more professional newscast whereas our previous broadcast system was problematic with a green screen.

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