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on the subject... of broadcasting (introduction by JADA ROGERS)

Mishawaka High School senior Michael Belting ventures behind the scenes of Mishawaka’s broadcasting department in his documentary “on the subject…of broadcasting.” Belting was incredibly involved in the making of his piece, noting that he “was behind the camera, directing crew at points, voicing it, writing it, [and] editing” throughout the entire six month process. Belting’s hope for his audience is that they connect with the narrative. When asked about his storytelling approach, Belting said his style “embraces the amateurishness of a student documentary,” with deliberate quality muddying in an attempt to draw his audience fully into the story. 

watch Michael Belting's "on the subject... of broadcasting" below:

“I’m happy to be megaphoning a narrative with the storytelling format I love, and I hope to return to do more “on the subject…” style narratives where I can uncover niches around the community.” 

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