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MHS Miskodeed Celebrates Yearbook Release

Mishawaka High School’s (MHS) yearbook was released May 24. The 2017-2018 Miskodeed was handed out at a yearbook party. The party supplied students who bought yearbooks with music, food, and of course, their book.

Students found the party to be an effective way to distribute the books. MHS senior Dylan Barnett is one of the many seniors who purchased a book. “I like the cover and how it looks like stone. I enjoyed the food and being able to have my friends sign my book,” Barnett said. Junior Carissa Mossel said ,”I enjoyed Josiah Andrew’s music and getting out of class.” Junior Bailey Davis thinks that this year’s design is better than last year’s. “I liked the food and music,” Davis said.

The yearbook class designed the book and planned the party. The only complaint from students was the room being too small for the amount of people there. “It was a small and crowded space with too many people,” Barnett said.

The yearbook staff this year was smaller than usual which made things difficult. Junior Chloe Garrett who is part of the staff. “Because of the small staff putting the book together, there was more work for each person to do. But it is not simply putting the book together. We have to get support from local businesses and advertise the book to the school as we are putting it together to ensure the sales we need,” Garrett said. The staff barely missed the deadline. “The deadline was March 19, and we barely missed it. The book could’ve been finished by the deadline, but it wouldn’t have been the best product we could make it, and we didn’t want to submit something that was half-done,” Garrett said.

The yearbook staff is proud their final product. “I think this edition is one of the best books we have released in a while,” Garrett said. 400 yearbooks were ordered and there are roughly 30 left. The staff sold out for the first time in over a decade.

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