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MHS's 2017 Senior Excellence Dinner

The Senior Excellence Dinner is a reward for seniors who were on the Mishawaka High School Honor Roll for seven whole semesters. The date of the dinner was Wednesday, March 8 of 2017. The seniors were allowed to bring/invite one teacher or coach they have gotten to know. Students can choose from, not only MHS, but elementary, middle school teachers and recreational coaches who aren’t connected to the school system. An adult who encouraged them to keep going when life got tough for that student.

Not many seniors brought a coach from outside of the School City of Mishawaka district. Kristy Richardson did and said, “I brought my Taekwondo teacher, he has helped me through a lot and has given me much inspiration.”

Many people brought their elementary school teachers. Sydney Jablonski, before the day of the dinner, told me, “I’m bringing my elementary school teacher from Twin Branch, Mrs. Harrell.” When I asked her why she told me, “She was my teacher from first grade through fourth and I’ve known her for a long time.” She’s not the only one bringing a teacher from Twin Branch. Mickey Yoder also chose a close elementary teacher from Twin Branch, “She was the first teacher I ever had and the first one to teach me how to put my interest and thought into my school work.” Grace Carpenter said, “I’m bringing Mrs. Watson from Beiger Elementary, [because] she made me motivated.”

Group of former Twin Branch Elementary students with a few of their Influential Educators

While many are bringing teachers from their elementary years, others decided to pick teacher that they’ve met more recently. Sofia Evans said that she picked Mrs. Lane. When I asked her why she said, “[Be]cause I love Mrs. Lane, she has always been there and has given me advice.” Joe Howe brought Mr. Smith. He said, “He has been an inspiring mentor through football, National Honors Society, and as a teacher.”

The 2017 Senior Excellence Dinner was a little boring according to some, but an overall success. For those underclassmen who have kept up with the honor roll so far, keep going. The Senior Excellence Dinner will be there to congratulate those who accomplished a successful academic career.

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