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MHS Theater Continues Traditions with Transly-mania

The Mishawaka High School theater recently wrapped up its first play of the year. Following tradition, they put on a children’s show and several of the the School City of Mishawaka elementary schools were invited

Elementary students watching the 10am show of MHS theater's Transly-mania.

to attend performances on Thursday, October 12 and Friday, October 13 during the school day. An array of first through sixth graders from Beiger Elementary, Battel Elementary, LaSalle Elementary, and Twin Branch Elementary filled the MHS auditorium at 10 am to view Transly-mania.

In this 90 minute production, four human students discover a high school for monsters after they’re left stranded by a bus crash. The mildly spooky theme and characters excited the children and captured their attention.

Beiger Elementary teacher Joy Bates expressed a very positive response to the elementary field trip. Bates said, “It was a great play. I think they did a really good job and our students really enjoyed it. We always look forward to coming here. I wish we would have field trips to come here more often to see the other plays, too. I think [the children] would enjoy coming to see them, if that were possible. ”

The elementary students thought the play was “funny” and were especially delighted by the singing and dancing included at the end of play.

After the production, the cast and crew had another special treat for the children. The cast and crew lined up in the hall next to the auditorium and the elementary students were able to meet them briefly. “That’s really neat,” said Bates, “[the kids] get to see [the cast and crew] on stage, but now [the kids] get to see them up close and shake their hands.”

The theater department concluded their production of Translymania! with shows open to the public on October 12 and October 14. The MHS theater has two more production in their line up for this school year. The troupe plans to perform a winter musical called How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and The Curious Savage in the spring.

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