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MHS Theatre Program Back in Action

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Mishawaka’s theatre program, COVID precautions in place, is back in action this fall with this season's show, Leaving Iowa, a comedy about a family road trip and revisiting fond memories. With new direction and limited cast, Mishawaka is very excited to keep the theatre program up and running despite all the challenges surrounding them.

The new theatre season has brought new changes including new director Rachel Sutch. Sutch has done something not done in any recent years of MHS. Sutch has not only picked a show with only six total actors, but also double cast the show as a COVID procedure. If a student begins to show symptoms or tests positive they will still be able to put on the show. Of course, nothing is 100% in unprecedented times like these, but the program is going strong to provide entertainment for students and citizens.

In the maroon cast, Zachary McMahan plays Don. Aaron Hecklinski as Dad. Tia Stopczynski as Sis. Gracey Lovitt as Mom. Maximo Powell as Multi Character Guy and Kerynne Pletcher as Multi Character Girl.

For the white cast, Spencer Lawson plays Don. Christian Bunnell as Dad. Victoria Tiller as Sis. Reahlyn Bryce as Mom. Dylan Piazzoni as Multi Character Guy, and Katie Kruger as Multi Character Girl. Jonathan Hickle and Cadence Radabaugh are the understudies for every single role.

Let's also take a moment to recognize the efforts that go on behind the scenes. All technical aspects of Leaving Iowa are run by students in MHS theatre program. Hunter Flick along with Abi Singleton designed and built the set. Costumes are designed by Olivia Suiter.

Come out and support these talented actors on November 20th, 21st, and 22nd!

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