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Mint Fresh Mentors at MHS

With a new year comes new students and teachers at Mishawaka High School (MHS). This year MHS has received seven teachers, including: Clara Bepe, Melissa Johnson, and Dana Gay. MHS administrator John Ross said, “the amount of new teachers this year is above average. MHS usually receives three to four new teachers,” said Ross.

Clara Bepe, an Economics and Psychology teacher here at MHS, is one of the new instructors. Bepe graduated from Indiana University South Bend (IUSB). “MHS won me over with the niceness of all of the staff and students,” Bepe said. She loves all the students and the effort they give towards class. “Coming to work here [MHS] has been like a homecoming,” Bepe said, stating that she has family that attended MHS and lives in the area. Bepe loves making connections with students and helping them succeed intellectually and socially by encouraging a growth mindset approach to life.

Melissa Johnson is a new math teacher at MHS. She graduated from IUSB and has taken many classes at over five universities. “I love to learn,” Johnson said. Johnson decided to work at MHS because her children go to school in the district. “I wanted to put all of my efforts into one community,” Johnson said. Johnson has been teaching for 15 years and her favorite aspect of her job is when “a student realizes they really aren’t bad at math.”

It is Dana Gay’s first year teaching at MHS. Gay is a Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher. Gay has been teaching for 25 years and graduated from Western Michigan University. Gay values her position at MHS. “MHS is close to home and I love having the faculty to collaborate with,” Gay said. Gay’s favorite part of teaching is when her students graduate high school with knowledge and skills that will aid them in life.

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