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Senior Athletes: Fall Edition

Senior year can be a stressful year, with planning for college, taking the SAT, and trying to fit in school events for the last time. Athletes also have their last go around in sports, which only adds to the pressures.

Seniors Alex Faulkner (football), Nathan Fry (tennis), and Lizzy Ashburn (volleyball) understand the realities of being a senior athlete.

Being an athlete isn’t just for the game, you also meet new people. “Being a Mishawaka athlete has probably been the most fun of my life, I have learned new things and met great people,” Faulkner said.

Fry said, “I like playing sports, they help me stay in shape, and I also meet new people and have great coaches, so I learn a lot.”

“I like being a Mishawaka athlete because the team is like a family, and I think that is pretty cool,” Ashburn said.

Every athlete has a favorite moment, whether it be scoring the game winning touchdown, hitting their first home run, or acing a serve.

“Playing football on Friday’s with my brother was probably have to be my favorite moment,” Faulkner recalled.

“Team bonding, is really fun, and also the dance parties we have before games I really enjoy,” Ashburn added.

Fry had a new experience playing tennis for the first time this year. “The guys are very laid back, and they are funny, Coach Adam is also a very cool guy.”

Senior year can be a different year for athletes. They have additional responsibilities, or are learning new things.

“I have had to step up, and be a leader but it hasn’t been that hard, because I have learned from great leaders in the past.” Faulkner said.

Ashburn explained,“I have more of a leadership role. Coach always wants the seniors or captains to come to him with issues or questions.Also, being a senior, I have to be a role model for the underclassmen.”

“It’s my first year with tennis, so I am starting from square one, and learning just like all the others,” Fry said about his new sport.

Senior athletes have gained wisdom as well as playing experience.

“Never take anything for granted, and use everyday to better yourself,” Faulkner offered.

“Don’t take anything for granted when you are here, one day you will ask yourself where the last three years went, and you will realize you’re a senior and your 'last firsts' start,” Ashburn advised.

Fry said, “You have to grind everyday and better yourself, and be a great teammate.”

With the all the pressure, there is no looking back, and the seniors hope to make the most of their last year in high school sports.

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