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Top of the Class

The Alltold would like to recognize the hard work and determination of all members of the class of 2018. Their graduation is the culmination of a long 13 year journey. Ten members of the senior class have achieved outstanding success in academics. Mishawaka High School honors the top 10 students in the senior class, five valedictorians, and five salutatorians. The valedictorians are: Kaitlynn Austin, Patrick Gouker, Madison Kreil, Tabitha Walters, and John Zylstra.The salutatorians are: Todd Conn, Moira Ferrer, Angelina Marchi, Kane Sanders, and Quincy Strefling.

Gouker is going to attend The University of Notre Dame, and plans to double major in Mathematics and Theology. “What I’ve enjoyed has been the relationships formed with friends, peers, teachers, etc.”

Kreil plans to attend IUPUI, and study biology, and possibly go into pre-med. “I want to thank my teachers, they have really helped me succeed, I have made great connections,” said Kreil. “The teachers have really pushed me to be my best.”

Walters is going to Earlham College to study Theatre Arts and Pre-Law. “I want to thank my friends that have always been there for me, and pushed me through these four years,” said Walters. “I also want to thank the teachers who I really enjoyed having.”

Conn plans to attend Purdue University, and major is biochemistry. Conn plans to get into Dental School.

Sanders also plans on attending Purdue University and studying electrical or computer engineering. “My favorite part of Mishawaka was the band, it was just very relaxing,” said Sanders.

Strefling is going to attend IUPUI and major in pre med and biology. “I really enjoyed making memories and making new friends especially senior year,” said Strefling, “I also want to thank my parents, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

Ferrer, Marchi, Austin, and Zylstra didn’t get back to the Alltold, but The Alltold would like to congratulate these ten students on their successful time here at Mishawaka.

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